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Team 1481 Goes to the Michigan State Championship
states 1The Riveters were in action again this past weekend at the Michigan State Championship. Hosted by Saginaw Valley State University in a brand new format for FIRST in Michigan. The Riveters competed in the Ford Division, which was considered the most challenging division at the State Championship.
The team started out strong with a big win and three ranking points with the prospects of some strong pairings along the way. Unfortunately, all of the strong alliance didn’t bear fruit and we ended up ranked in the bottom half of the field at the end of Day 1. As it is with the Riveters and our “Can Do” spirit, we worked out our issues and started to slowly climb the ranking ladder.

1481 robotFor this competition season the game of SteamWorks seems to leave good teams scattered throughout the field and just like the Woodhaven, the team was selected to participate in the Elimination Round from a position of 28th. We joined team 74 and team 3357 as the 6th seeded alliance.

The Riveters needed a Quarter Final win to assure themselves of being qualified for the World Championship in St. Louis. The Blue Alliance started strong with a 4 rotor win of 325–317 points. They followed up with another 4 rotor win and a score of 466–454.

Advancing to the Semi-Finals against the red alliance of 6075, 5114, and 2767 the Riveters and company chased the #2 alliance, but fell short in the first match by a technical foul 333–338. In the second round, despite stifling defense, the Blue Alliance came out on top with a 306–304 win. This set the stage for the tie-breaking round, but with a record high score of 507, the Red Alliance prevailed and The Riveters were retired.

gov robotDuring the award ceremony, team 1481 was awarded The Jack Kamen Imagery Award for the second year in a row. Recognized for our iconic inspiration from Rosie The Riveter and the SteamWorks theme, we distributed 1000 polka dot ribbons including one to the governor, Rick Snyder. The pit area was designed by Bianca Seeley from scratch to capture the Steam punk theme and it features a large logo for The Riveters and 6 supporting gears that slowing revolve representing our top sponsors. The backdrop intermingles vintage Rosie the Riveter photographs with current Riveter photographs highlighting our connection with the “We Can Do It” motto for the team.

In other news, the team was named by Consumers Power and DTE Energy as one of their first two Energy Alliance Super Teams. This is an annual grant that will support the team’s activities and specifically our outreach to inspire more women to pursue STEM careers.

The Riveters next stop will be at the World Championship April 27–29, 2017 in St. Louis. The team is very excited to see the Arch one more time and compete at Worlds. We have our bugs worked out on the robot and are ready to compete in St. Louis. This is also the last year the World Championship will be held in St. Louis as it is moving to Detroit in 2018.

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