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Part# W715260-S424 M4 x 12 Bosscrew™

bosscrew 2

Bosscrew 2 This part is used primarily in 5th Generation Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, a

nd Ford Taurus. In most instances the Bosscrew™ is used as control panel screw. This piece was developed to be molded into plastic and replace metal stamping and fastener assemblies and ensuring a high-performance assembly.

Bosscrew™ Design

The Bosscrew™ the only screw specifically designed not to loosen in plastic applications and is engin

eered to overcome temperature changes and heavy vibration. This will ensure the screw will stay tight. The unique thread form, designed with its patented WERCS®  technology, works directly with the creeping aspect of plastic to interlock with the Bosscrew™.

Bosscrew™ Cost Savings

By using the Bosscrew™, you eliminate the need for brass inserts allowing for a shorter shank length, providing you with lower material cost.

For more info on OEM Ford Fasteners, click here and follow this link.

Part# 11588711- M6 x 16 Heavy Hex Bolt

11588711This heavy hex bolt bolt is one of the most widely used pieces on every vehicle that General Motors (GM) produces. This particular piece fits 358 vehicle variants including;

    115887116 Buick models, 60 variants between 1983 and 2013.
    2 Cadillac models, 6 variants between 1994 and 2001.
    25 Chevrolet models, 145 variants between 1983 and 2014.
    2 Geo models, 7 variants between 1989 and 1991.
    3 GMC models, 5 variants between 1992 and 1998.
    7 Oldsmobile models, 52 variants between 1983 and 2003.
    10 Pontiac models, 81 variants between 1983 and 2006.
    1 Saturn models, 2 variants between 2005 and 2006.

This piece is used for everything from a Air Injection Reactor Pump to securing the front engine cover. This bolt is made of top quality materials, and has passed not only all manufacturer's tests, but also General Motors quality control. To pass quality control, this bolt has to endure rough road conditions over a long period time.

This M6 x 16 Heavy Hex Bolt is a genuine GM part and Metro Bolt & Fastener has them in stock for your convenience.

Contact Metro Bolt & Fastener today with any questions you have about this product, 313-538-4800

Part# 11588710 M6 x 13 Heavy Hex Bolt

115887710115887710 This heavy hex bolt passed not only all manufacturer's tests but also General Motors quality control and, has to endure rough road conditions over a long period of time.

Knowing that when you purchase a 11588710 M6 x 13 Heavy Hex Bolt, you are making a smart choice. These genuine parts simply last longer and provide you with a greater sense of safety and long term performance.

This fastener is used primarily on GM small vehicles as well as small SUV's, and full size trucks. This bolt is also used in GM European models as well. Metro Bolt & Fastener has these in stock and is ready for you to place your order today!
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151746BD Projection Weld Stud Application

151746BDMost Often used in automotive, compressors and fans, and semiconductor manufacturing, projection studs also have various other uses, most notably in the new Corvette Zerv. You can always call MBf to see if your application is suitable for projection weld studs.

This product can be used in heavy duty applications and production weld studs can be used in a variety of applications including industrial and commercial industries.

Projection Weld Stud Appearance

Since the projection stud will not go through the material, it is often used for appearance based welding, leaving one side unmarred. The projection weld stud is available in a bare metal finish or plated finish.

Contact Metro Bolt & Fastener with any questions about this product - 313-538-4800

Knowing your OEM fasteners is not only a must, its for your safety!

W709451 S901When searching the internet for OEM fasteners and you find the piece you are looking for is discontinued or unavailable, do not use a hardware store replacement fastener. Please call your dealer, the manufacturer or even Metro Bolt & Fastener to see if we have a suitable replacement. Hardware replacement fasteners simply are not built or suited to handle the everyday wear that an OEM piece can.

Using genuine OEM fasteners is a serious safety measure. OEM fasteners are made to withstand very specific temperatures, pressure, stress, and other environmental issues and address things like strength, break-point, heat treat, the level of corrosion a fastener can withstand, cold resistance as just are just a few examples. Incorrect fasteners or fasteners you pick up in a hardware store may not have the same specifications and this will cause safety issues. Fasteners do what they are supposed to, they fasten. If you don NOT use OEM fasteners you risk parts falling off, breaking, or not having the strength to withstand an accident.

If you cannot identify the OEM part number on your fastener, you need to check your shop repair manual for it (you can usually do this online with a quick google search) or call your local dealer's service department for help. You can always contact  Metro Bolt & Fastener for the best advise or to check our Ford Fastener OEM inventory.
How to search for Ford OEM Fasteners.

W709451 S901 Ford Fasteners use the last 4 digits of the part number (example S403, S56, S439, etc) to distinguish material specs and characteristics such as finish, heat treatment, strength, plating, etc. Many Ford fasteners fit multiple makes and models and serve multiple purposes on the vehicle. MBF's carries a large inventory of current and obsolete OEM fasteners for Ford products. Follow this link to search for your Ford Fastener on our website.
Current fasteners in stock @ Metro Bolt & Fastener include:

    W709451-S901 is a Ford bolt that is used to bolt down glass in the doors and the sunroof in many Ford models. For example, this particular bolt is used in the 2007 Ford Fusion, the 2010 Ford Edge, the 2016 Lincoln MKX, and the 2016 Ford Edge.
    W705961-S403 is a Ford u-nut/spring nut that is used on stock radio installation in some models and as a grille nut in many models. This nut is used in some way on almost all Ford Lincoln models.

Obsolete fasteners in stock @ Metro Bolt & Fastener include:

    N602703-S307 is a Ford screw and washer assembly used on older model Ford vehicles. This part is hard to find and generally only available in small quantity purchase.
    N807283-S56 is a Ford u-nut. This nut is not readily available in most areas.
    W502830-S424 is another discontinued Ford u-nut. It is also hard to find, even on the internet.

Remember, you can always contact Metro Bolt & Fastener with any questions concerning your OEM Ford Fasteners.

For single piece or small quantity order Follow this link: Shop Our Service Parts

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Thank you again for attending the 2014 Metro Bolt & Fastener Car Show! We truly appreaciate it!

For a complete Photo Gallery of this event go to our Facebook Page (Click Here)

- See more at: http://www.metroboltmi.com/mbf-events/mbf-events-past-present/2014-mbf-car-show#sthash.Bi6XPKWo.dpuf

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