In Process Control, Optical Comparator, Hardness Testing & Product Testing

six sigmaThe next time you purchase any product from Metro Bolt & Fastener, remember this; There are several quality test methods that are performed prior to your purchase. But first let's define what Metro Bolt & Fastener means when we say "Quality Control".

Quality, is a conformance with products' specifications. Control, is consistency with controlling the variables to ensure there are no defects. When we combine the two, Quality Control is a process of implementing product design dimensions and tolerances to produce products that are of consistently good quality within the design parameters. How do we ensure this happens? Lets' start here.


In Process Control

"In Process Control" consists of taking random samples throughout the manufacturing run and performing dimensional checks to ensure the equipment is running per plan.

Optical Comparator

An "Optical Comparator" machine is used to save time from preparing laboratory pieces and mounting them for microscopic examination.

Hardness Testing

"Hardness Testing" are readings made by indenting the surface of a material by penetrating a ball, diamond point or other shape into the material under a predetermined load.

Product Testing

At Metro Bolt & Fastener our product testing requires a minimum of three readings taken and an average calculated. All readings MUST be within the hardness values listed in the products specification.

Since the early 90's, quality systems have implemented various forms of 'prevent defect' control systems. The fastener industry employs in process testing and control, which has greatly reduced the occurrences of rejections. So the next time you purchase product from Metro Bolt & Fastener, you can be sure we've done our part to ensure you have the best materials to work with.

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