crazyOver the years I have attended many sales training seminars. These classes were meant to inspire us to go out and sell our stuff. One of the classic tools used was a cartoon called “,No, I don’t have time to see a crazy salesman; we’ve got a battle to fight!” This image features a gatling gun salesman trying to insert himself into on ongoing battle. In the heat of the battle the potential buyer protests this intrusion and sends the salesman away without ever considering the practicality of the seller’s solution. Really?


If you take time to do an internet search of this cartoon today, you will be surprised. I found a website that claims to have over 1,300 images of what I thought was the original image of this subject. These images have changed over the years, of course, to appeal to the times. The more these images have changed, the more I found them alike. Really?

The reality is that because of staff reductions and attrition, purchasing agents and buyers no longer have the time to exchange new ideas with a salesman. Therefore, even if they have a better mousetrap to offer, there is no one to listen or hear that it is available. This is reality!