To start with, these are the top items you should keep in mind when ordering bolts from Black Anvil Construction Suplies.

Quantity, Dimensions, Finish, Grade, Configuration, Thread Length, Accessories such as Nuts and Washers, and Requirements.

There are fixed costs to any production fasteners and will include set up (equipment) fees and charges for testing. Anytime you run across custom manufactured pieces, there will be a significant impact on the price of each part. Keep in mind, the larger the part run, the more time it takes to manufacture each piece.

Length & diameter for each fastener have an effect on the cost of each bolt. Material used to manufacture bolts is bought on a per pound basis, the more bolt weighs, the more expensive it is.

There are many finishes your bolt can come in including zinc plated. Any time you are add a coating to your bolt the production time lengthen and the cost will go up.

Various grades of bolts will use different types of material. Cost will vary from piece to piece depending on their chemical composition. The grade of a bolt has an impact on the price. Anytime you add a specification to a bolt order, it can add time and cost to manufacture the bolt.

Some fasteners types require less, and sometimes more manufacturing requirements than other types. It all depends on the type of bolt you are trying to use, including straight rod and bent rod bolts.

Thread length
When it comes to construction fasteners, there really is not such thing as standard thread length. Most often more thread is required for headed bolts. Communicating thread lengths on your bolt purchase is important to the project you are completing.

Nuts, washers and accessories

Please take in to consideration ANY accessory your bolt needs such as nuts or washers will increase the price of your bolt. Even more so if the bolt and accessories are specialty or custom ordered. These pieces may take longer to produce than the bolt itself.

It is extremely important to communicate any domestic requirements for your project. State, highway, military and government projects will have requirements that must be met. In almost all cases, domestic pieces will have a greater cost and will be more expensive than imported items.

If you have any questions, you can always ask the experts and contact
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