Essential Critical Infrastructure Business

November 25th, 2020

Metro Bolt & Fastener remains open as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Business

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers:

Metro Bolt & Fastener is committed to monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following the guidance of federal and local government as we navigate this situation. The health, safety, and welfare of our customers, suppliers, and employees are of utmost importance to us. We will continue to follow enhanced cleaning, safety, social distancing, and other CDC recommended guidelines to protect our contacts and help mitigate spread.

We will remain open as an essential supplier to hospitals, municipalities, transportation, and other crucial infrastructures.

For more information on essential, critical infrastructure, please visit

Metro Bolt & Fastener will continue to offer normal shipping, delivery, and pickup options. However, if you wish to pick up your order, but do not want to enter the building, when you arrive please call 313-538-4800 and ask for delivery to your vehicle.

For suppliers, vendors, and shipping partners – we are accepting deliveries. Please call from your vehicle or truck prior to attempting entry. We are limiting the number of people admitted to the warehouse, for our safety and yours.

We thank you for your cooperation and support during this time.


Covid Response: Essential Critical Infrastructure Business

Knowing your OEM fasteners is not only a must, its for your safety!

W709451 S901When searching the internet for OEM fasteners and you find the piece you are looking for is discontinued or unavailable, do not use a hardware store replacement fastener. Please call your dealer, the manufacturer or even Metro Bolt & Fastener to see if we have a suitable replacement. Hardware replacement fasteners simply are not built or suited to handle the everyday wear that an OEM piece can.

Using genuine OEM fasteners is a serious safety measure. OEM fasteners are made to withstand very specific temperatures, pressure, stress, and other environmental issues and address things like strength, break-point, heat treat, the level of corrosion a fastener can withstand, cold resistance as just are just a few examples. Incorrect fasteners or fasteners you pick up in a hardware store may not have the same specifications and this will cause safety issues. Fasteners do what they are supposed to, they fasten. If you don NOT use OEM fasteners you risk parts falling off, breaking, or not having the strength to withstand an accident.

If you cannot identify the OEM part number on your fastener, you need to check your shop repair manual for it (you can usually do this online with a quick google search) or call your local dealer's service department for help. You can always contact  Metro Bolt & Fastener for the best advise or to check our Ford Fastener OEM inventory.
How to search for Ford OEM Fasteners.

W709451 S901 Ford Fasteners use the last 4 digits of the part number (example S403, S56, S439, etc) to distinguish material specs and characteristics such as finish, heat treatment, strength, plating, etc. Many Ford fasteners fit multiple makes and models and serve multiple purposes on the vehicle. MBF's carries a large inventory of current and obsolete OEM fasteners for Ford products. Follow this link to search for your Ford Fastener on our website.
Current fasteners in stock @ Metro Bolt & Fastener include:

    W709451-S901 is a Ford bolt that is used to bolt down glass in the doors and the sunroof in many Ford models. For example, this particular bolt is used in the 2007 Ford Fusion, the 2010 Ford Edge, the 2016 Lincoln MKX, and the 2016 Ford Edge.
    W705961-S403 is a Ford u-nut/spring nut that is used on stock radio installation in some models and as a grille nut in many models. This nut is used in some way on almost all Ford Lincoln models.

Obsolete fasteners in stock @ Metro Bolt & Fastener include:

    N602703-S307 is a Ford screw and washer assembly used on older model Ford vehicles. This part is hard to find and generally only available in small quantity purchase.
    N807283-S56 is a Ford u-nut. This nut is not readily available in most areas.
    W502830-S424 is another discontinued Ford u-nut. It is also hard to find, even on the internet.

Remember, you can always contact Metro Bolt & Fastener with any questions concerning your OEM Ford Fasteners.

For single piece or small quantity order Follow this link: Shop Our Service Parts

For Larger order or business related orders, follow this link: Shop Our Inventory

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